I Know That We'll Win

Ten years married. Still covered by angels singing.

The Things We've Handed Down

A Marc Cohn cover for Sophia, Milo and their wonderful parents. With much love.

Pirates and Dinosaurs EP

Three love-song lullabies. Written for my sons. About them, their mom and us. With Amy singing and the brilliant Ian Marriss on guitar.
Available for download at bencosh.bandcamp.com.

2011 EP

Four track 2011 EP. All me. Vocals, instruments, recording, mixing. So its all my fault.
Available for download at bencosh.bandcamp.com.

Old Soldier

A Marc Cohn song, recorded years ago by Phil, with Ruth singing and my Dad playing the trumpet. Means a lot to me. You can download for free by clicking one of the buttons on the right.

White Lines

This is an old old song. Thanks to Stuart Walker for the recording.

Falling Down

All about what happens when things go wrong and there's nothing you can do.

Thanks to Gill Gee for the recording. To Luke Skywalker for holding his lightsaber upright whilst lying down in front of me. And to the ghost in the window at 0.24...

Full band recorded version on the 2011 EP.

Pick your feet up

Stuck somewhere inside. Have to walk out.

Having mucked around with this a bit, I've decided I prefer the original. Even though it's too long really. But it is the right length too. Odd how that happens.